Sea Fans! In Singapore?

Sea Fans! They are made up of flexible substance called gorgonin, and the growth rate is depend on seasonal and climatic variation. So are they sea fans in Singapore? YES!

The photo above is taken on a floating platform at Marina @ Keppel Bay! Which is located at Singapore! The platform is build base on 'open concept' which allow marine life to grow in the bay. There are marine life in singapore, and it's very important for us to conserve them. One of the steps is to volunteer in one of our green groups :)

Take a look at marina @ Keppel Bay website!

Coral Reefs of Singapore - Terumbu Raya

Hunt for the Blue eared kingfisher !

This kingfisher looks almost the same as the common kingfisher Alcedo atthis . The differences is the blue ear coverts, darker and more intense cobalt-blue upperparts with richer rufous under parts.

While waiting for the kingfisher to come out of it's nest, I took some photos of the Common Greenback. I'm glad to know that there are still such rare bird breeding in Singapore.

 Any ID for this caterpillar like stuff...?


Storky Day at Sungei Buloh

The Milky storks found in Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserves are actually free ranging birds from both the Zoo and Bird Park. Why do they fly to Sungei Buloh? I guess its to feed, this shows that Sungei Buloh does have a rich mudflat full of organism in the mud.

They seems to get along well with the great egret (above) too. The Great Egret Egretta alba is a migrant with wing span of up to 215cm. This is also the largest egret found in Singapore. 

It's been a while since I saw the purple heron Ardea purpurea. 

And a flock of Whimbral  flew past!

What a nice day at Sungei Buloh!

Bad experience when photographing the Hooded Pitta

Let me start with the good news.... Two Hooded Pittas Pitta sordiad cucullata are spotted at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which is a great finding. Winter visitor. The Hooded pitta diet consist of mainly insects but may feed on other organism too. Poh Bee manage to take a photo of it feeding on land snail. Here's a link to a online article on Pittas of Singapore by A. F. S. L. Lok, K. T. N. Khor, K. C. Lim and R. Subaraj.

The Bad experience.... A bird photographer putting a log that is taken from another habitat and place it near the pitta which I think that it's not right. But what really concern me is one of the photographer actually tried to lure the pitta out but putting meal worms and feeding it. This is not the first time and i hope that they will stop....